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“Just a thank you…

Growing up in the late 70’s early 80’s I had 2 ISOtip 7700 in my toolkit. My first 7700, was given to me by my mentor & friend, Sydney Thomasson WB8FYI for me to work on S100 bus system I was building as so not to cause static damage. He had that 7700 for several years before he gave it to me, so I assume it’s from the late 70’s A few years later, I bought another 7700 so that I could work longer. I even had an ISOtip drill attachment for it.

After many years, many different jobs, different homes, marriage & family I lost track of those 7700s. 2 weeks ago I was helping some friends put in a couple XLR panels on a stage, and I used a blue 25w solder pencil. And I started explaining to my friends how I used to use ISOtip 7700s, and how much I actually loved those tools. I still recalled that I could be soldering within second of rotating and pressing that little round button. I even tweeted about my love of my long lost ISOtip over the past few weeks. Much to my surprise this week, I did a google search a few days later, wondering what ever happened to your company, since so many companies from that period, Beckman, Simpson, B&K, Heathkit, etc, seem to disappear in the early 90s. You can’t imagine my surprise when I learned that not only were you still in business, you still made the 7700 & what I never purchased, the 7800 ’60’ I ordered and received this yesterday my new 7800… and even did an unboxing sequence of receiving it. And this morning, while working in the basement, I found my long lost 7700s, with the original tips. While I can’t seem to find the chargers, I noticed that has them available, which is where I ordered my 7800 from.. So now, I will order a couple of new batteries & a charger.

I also found you on twitter… so now I look forward to following you and putting my new & old friends back to work. Thank you for all the support your products have given me in over 30 years.

From Micheal in WV.”


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