7800 Iso-Tip Cordless Soldering IronModel 7800, 7840 cordless soldering iron battery replacement P/N 7833 battery. Please only try to replace the battery on your Model #7800 if you are experienced with using a soldering iron.

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The Fast Charge Cordless Soldering Iron (Model #7800 / 7840) uses a bi-metal snap disc thermostat to sense the battery temperature during the charging cycle. It’s that odd mini hockey puck looking thing with the red plunger on the tip end of the battery. The plunger fully extends, meaning the battery is at maximum temperature signaling it’s fully charged. There needs to be a small air gap (.010 roughly) between the end of the plunger and the white arm. The white arm is the slide that activates the quick charge mode on the side of the iron. The air gap needs to be available, otherwise the plunger may not fully extend keeping the soldering iron in fast charge mode. If the air gap is too big the fast charge mode may not become activated and you just paid a bunch more money for our basic Quick Charge Pro soldering iron Model #7700.

Options to Replacing the Cordless Soldering Iron Battery

We recommend contacting your local Batteries Plus store as they may have a replacement battery option available. Our battery supplier obsoleted this item on us, so unfortunately, we have to pass on that obsoletion. Although, you can check out our newest cordless soldering irons here, and we do have a great upgrade program you can contact us here about!

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Want more information? Check out this PDF instruction manual!