Our 7700 cordless soldering irons are convenient, but sometimes you need to do soldering work far away from an outlet. In this case, a butane soldering iron is what you need. As long as you’ve got butane with you, your iron will be good to go. However, this does bring up the question of where to find good butane. We’ll go over the basics in our quick guide to butane. The higher quality of butane you use, the longer your iron will last. In our office we like to use Master Appliance brand butane. We’ve found this butane to be reliable with a low amount of impurities.

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Powered by readily available butane, rather than electricity, you will never need to worry about electricity leaking into sensitive circuits. The Smart Solder Pro irons are dependable under all types of weather conditions, compact, portable and ready to use within 20 seconds of ignition.

The only real difference in different brands of butane is the ppm of impurities. PPM stands for parts per million, and indicates how much “junk” is in the butane. Ideally your butane would have 0 PPM, but that’s just about impossible outside of a lab. The very best butane out there has around 15 PPM, though as long as you’re below 50 you should be okay. Once you get to anything above 100 PPM you start to run into trouble. Lower quality butane is okay for a cheap lighter, but you’ll want to spend more for the higher quality stuff if you want you iron to last. If you’re looking for a portable and easy to use butane iron, be sure to check out our 7971. It’s great for small jobs on the go and is a good addition to anyone’s toolbox.

If you’ve got a brand of butane you like, or just have a question about butane soldering irons in general, be sure to contact us.