I was answering emails at my desk today when a coworker of mine came in and told me that someone had an Iso-Tip question. This wasn’t anything unusual, but then I was told that this person was currently in the office. This was a first time I had a customer come to our office (granted I’ve only been working here to six months, but still), so I went out to see our visitor. It was then that I met Mike, who wanted to get replacement parts for his 7800 iron. He came all the way from the east coast to come visit us (and his sister), so I made sure he didn’t leave empty handed. We don’t make the model 7800 anymore, but we do still have replacement parts for them lying around. I got Mike a replacement bulb, battery, fuse link, and temperature switch for his iron. His iron was in a bit of rough shape, but he was confident that he could get it working again. The date code on his iron showed that it had been built in January, 1981, so it’s a treat to know that an iron that old is still being used.

It’s seen some better days (but hey, so have I, and that iron has been around 14 years longer than I have)

Mike told me that he liked how convenient our irons are compared to his cordless ones. He hopes to get his 7800 up and running again so he can use it for repairing circuit boards. He also picked up a chisel tip and micro tip while he was here. I certainly wasn’t expected to meet any customers when I came into work today, but it certainly was a welcome surprise! I want to thank Mike for stopping in and letting me share this on our website. If you’ve got a 7800 that needs repairs and can’t make the trip to see us in person, you can always buy a rebuild online and send it in to us. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to rebuild the red 7800s, but you can buy a replacement battery if you feel like trying to fix it yourself. Happy soldering!