Archer Cordless Soldering IronWe had a customer contact us looking for support on his Archer cordless soldering iron. We hear from people with tools dating back to the 1970s maybe once every week or so. Just when we think we know all the Iso-Tip products from the past, a new one pops up! This customer had something that made us scratch our heads. He was claiming to have a cordless soldering tool that was manufactured by Wahl for Radioshack under the brand Archer. We had never heard of it. The customer sent us over the 1977 Radioshack catalog, lo and behold page 77 has the Iso-Tip soldering tool.

The Archer Cordless Soldering Iron offered the same features as today’s Model #7700 Quick Charge Pro cordless soldering iron.

  • No more cord tangle – and you can take it with you for easy soldering anywhere.
  • Heats up in only 5 to 10 seconds: high – efficiency copper tip spreads solder evenly.
  • 100 solder joints per charge – although the current model outputs 125 joints per charge
  • Easy -grip handle, pushbutton on/off, built-in worklight.
  • You never need to change the sealed -in nickel cadmium battery-just plug into 120 VAC and recharge it overnight!

We offered this gentleman an exchange for his old tool and he happily traded it for a brand new iron. Check it out below! Now we have this magnificent relic in our display case for all to see.

If you have an old tool, we’d love to see it! Contact us!