Pro 60 Series Soldering Iron Battery Repair

You can buy our 7833 battery, which is the replacement battery for our Pro 60 series soldering iron. Instead of mounting the negative tab to the screw, you solder the black wire to the tab. Make sure you file the tab to remove the plating; you will experience issues making the solder stick to the tab without filing. The positive tab mounts to the upper screw location, as the original. Be sure to keep that small air gap (0.002-0.005) between the white lever and the thermal switch; otherwise your iron will remain in the trickle charge mode frying your battery!!

Good news! (Especially for those of you with older Iso-Tip soldering irons.) We’ve learned that Batteries Plus can rebuild old Iso-Tip batteries. So, if you happen to own a model we no longer manufacture, Batteries Plus may be able to help extend the tool’s life by rebuilding the battery. One of our fellow Wisconsinites passed on that little tid-bit of information after he had his 7500 series rebuilt in November. (Thank you, Steve!) And with more than 380 locations in 43 states, you sure to find a Batteries Plus near you. For location information, visit their website.

Or send your Pro 60 series soldering iron into Iso-Tip for our rebuild program!

Do you have an older Iso-Tip Pro 60 series soldering iron? After all these years, how do you keep it maintained and in working order? Inquiring minds want to know.

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