Yet Another Happy Human With the Model 7700 Soldering Iron

Best Cordless Soldering Iron Available

We here at Iso-Tip have been pretty lucky over the years and we would like to pass some of our success on. Some of our more dedicated readers know that we here at Iso-Tip have a pay it forward initiative. We like to reward those who have gone through the effort to teach valuable skills to others with the best soldering iron that is available on the market. As a part of this movement we send a model 7700 soldering iron out with no strings attached. No requirements to review it and no costs, just a free soldering iron. We have the best cordless soldering iron in the world. When people receive them many do choose to review them. This is one of those cases, as you can see an amateur radio YouTuber did a great review on ourĀ Model #7700 Rechargeable Battery Soldering Iron.

Now Any One Can Say They have the Best Cordless Soldering Iron

The real question is can they prove it? We here at Iso-Tip know that we can. We have the longest lasting battery. The safest electrical tip and boast the fastest working temperatures whats not to love? They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were our irons. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience all packed into this amazing iron. Don’t just take our word for it, watch some reviews. We have heard so much back from our customers it’s hard to put it all in words. The best summary I can give is plain and simple. I am glad to be able to say this. We make the worlds best cordless soldering iron.

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