Recently, YouTuber KM4ACK expressed interest in experimenting with one of our soldering irons. After some discussions, he decided to make a review on our #7710 soldering iron kit! Based on the review’s title being ‘Best Portable Soldering Iron’, we already have an idea how he feels about this kit.

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At the beginning of his video, KM4ACK mentions that for his portable repair kit, he has used the same butane soldering iron for a long time. He says this was until we reached out to him with the offer to try one of our soldering irons.

After his introduction, he goes into the meat and gravy of this kit. He goes through everything that the #7710 soldering iron kit comes with, which are: the #7700 soldering iron, charging base, 3 different tip styles (7545, 7546, 7566), a Titan Smart Torch, one of our Silver Bearing Solder Paste, lead-free solder, flux gel, solder sponge tip cleaning pad, heat shrink tubing in a variety of sizes, a handy carrying case, and an instruction manual. With the covering of some tips, he provides a demonstration of the soldering iron.

To view his video and see how his demo goes, check out KM4ACK video below, or click here to view his channel! Thank you again to KM4ACK for reviewing our #7710 soldering iron kit!