Another great use for the Micro-Therm butane torch is with cell phone repairs. When replacing or repairing a cell phone screen there is heat sensitive glue that adheres the numerous parts of new phones. Using the torch to heat the glue, the screen and back can easily be removed from the phone so a new one can be applied.

Cell phone repairs are only one example of what this torch can do. There are many other applications that require heating up adhesive to remove two parts from each other. Give it a try!

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Micro-Therm Butane TorchModel #7975 Butane Torch

This butane-powered, Piezo ignition, flameless heat gun is ideal for general heating and drying applications. The Smart Heat Micro-Therm heat gun can be used to activate adhesives and potting compounds, bend and form plastics and plastic laminates, bend PVC, preheat flux, remove windshield caulking, install heat shrink, tubing and solder-filled connections, manipulate molded plastic parts, stretch and repair vinyls and thaw frozen locks. If you want to eliminate flare or otherwise smooth out rough edges or parting lines then this small torch is perfect for you. The torch features a comfortable palm grip and trigger with locking mechanism, in addition to an automatic shut-off.

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