If you deal with freezing cold winters like we do here in Wisconsin, then you’ve most likely dealt with a frozen lock at some point. If you don’t have any de-icer lying around and own one of our cordless heat tools such as battery operated soldering iron or heat gun, you’re in luck! Using these tools is convenient. A power supply is not required. The heat up time is fast so you’re not standing outside with icicles hanging from your nose!

*Note – If you are dealing with a frozen lock on your car door than you may not want to use a heat gun as it could damage the paint.

Iso-Tip Smart Torch EZ – Model #7978

Iso-Tip Cordless Heat Tools

Burning things is part of being human that is why our Iso-Tip Torches are a great fit to you tool chest. Be a Smart Human with our line of Smart Torches. Each torch features a Piezo electronic ignition system, refillable gas tank and solid construction.

Ideal for the service technician, craftsman or hobbyist, these cordless heat tools offer convenient operation with a light-weight and balanced design for a variety of applications. With the ability to heat up to 2,400°F fast, these tools are handy to have in your tool box.

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