Replacement Lamp Holder for Cordless Soldering Irons: Model #W00176-100

We got a call today about the lamp holder for the cordless rechargeable soldering irons (Quick Charge #7700/#7740, “60” Pro Charge #7800/#7840 and Power Pro #7904/#7944). We do sell replacement parts including the lamp hold and bayonet bulb. If you need a lamp holder, click here to contact us. If you need a replacement bulb, click here to order online.




The customer, John, was looking for a replacement lamp socket. Iso-Tip no longer carry the replacement lamp socket, but he found a really good version of it at Radio Shack. The Radio Shack version has an isolated mounting tab so it can even be screwed to the housing to secure it better.

i Lamp2

We have not tested it here yet so standard legalease / common sense applies – use at your own risk.

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