Replacement Lamp Holder for Cordless Soldering Irons: Model #W00176-100

We got a call today about the lamp holder for the cordless rechargeable soldering irons (Quick Charge #7700/#7740, “60” Pro Charge #7800/#7840 and Power Pro #7904/#7944). We do sell replacement parts including the lamp hold and bayonet bulb. If you need a lamp holder, click here to contact us. If you need a replacement bulb, click here to order online.




The customer, John, was looking for a replacement lamp socket. This is our part #W00176-100.



He found a really good version of it at Radio Shack. The Radio Shack version has an isolated mounting tab so it can even be screwed to the housing to secure it better.

i Lamp2

We have not tested it here yet so standard legalease / common sense applies – use at your own risk.  That said we have one on order so we’ll find out soon enough.

Also we are making more and more parts available for folks to fix their own units or for making other stuff. We’ll be selling the W00176-100 at $0.45 each if anybody needs one. Click here to contact us!