2 basesIf you have a grey 7700 charging base that the soldering iron doesn’t fit into properly and the unit will not charge…Read On. We always work to build the best product we can for our customers because we like em.. but sometimes things slip through and that is what happened. A small tab in the base of the charger was left by our molders and it shouldn’t be there. You have several choices, you can send it to us and we will replace it with a new one and put a new tip in the box to cover your shipping, or you can follow the directions below and fix it yourself. Don’t worry about breaking it if you fix it yourself we’ll replace it because we messed up and we should.

To repair the base FIRST UNPLUG THE CHARGER yes FIRST UNPLUG THE CHARGER oh did I say UNPLUG IT.  Look at the images they show the tab that doesn’t belong.  With the charger unplugged you can cut or break the small plastic tab off. I t does not all have to be gone to operate properly. You can use a needle nose pliers or a nippers or whatever you have that will work. Try to not bend the 2 silver contacts that are on either side of the unwanted tab. If you break it give us a call we’ll take care of it. We wouldn’t give this information out to most people but the people that own these irons seem to be really smart.  I would also like to thank the customer that brought this to our attention we do appreciate it.