Model #7700 QuickCharge Pro Cordless Soldering Iron Pros vs. Cons

Thanks to the Solder Wiz, we received a great review on our Model #7700 QuickCharge Pro Cordless Soldering Iron.  They had a few cons that our other cordless soldering irons do provide, the #7800 and #7904. All in all, the Solder Wiz’s “Bottom Line” was…

“This iron is just so darn handy. The ability to charge it and then store it away in your toolbox and forget about it until needed, is nice. Given that we haven’t been using this iron for years, we can’t say how long the battery will hold a charge, but by all accounts it is several months. Not having to mess with an extension cord and being able to make a quick and accurate solder, desolder, touch-up, or repair is very convenient. The need to no longer keep butane on hand cannot be understated.”

Thanks for the great review Solder Wiz. Be sure to check out his other reviews of butane tools and soldering irons!

Let us know what you think of your #7700 QuickCharge Pro Cordless Soldering Iron, or any of our products for that matter We would love to hear from you!

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