There are many different types of soldering irons and different capabilities of each type. Two main categories are cordless vs corded soldering irons.


Product Definition 

Model #7700 Cordless Soldering Iron

The Quick Charge Soldering Iron Kit is the world’s #1 rechargeable soldering iron kit designed with the professional in mind. The 7700 cordless soldering iron kit is our basic unit and the biggest seller for a good reason. It’s dependable, bullet proof and has an easy battery charge. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles our other models feature, but it gets the job done and done well. The 7700 soldering iron kit fully recharges in 4 hours and outputs 125 solder joints per charge. (For more information, click here!)




Pros to Cordless

    1. Cordless is extremely portable
    2.  Great for hard-to-reach spots
    3. Different varieties of power
      1. Battery (like AA)
      2. Rechargeable with port
      3. Butane
      4. USB
    4. For electric cordless irons, there are battery indicators to demonstrate how much battery life is left
    5. Comes in different shapes/sizes
    6. Often comes with an LED focus light
    7. 7700 cordless comes with a stand
    8. 7700 has extremely fast heat up

Cons to Cordless

      1. Doesn’t have unlimited run time
      2. Not all power methods are rechargeable/renewable (need to buy more batteries or butane)Corded Soldering Iron

Pros to Corded

    1. Has different forms/strengths in products (corded, soldering station, soldering guns)
    2. Can keep going/doesn’t need to be charged
    3. Better control on the temperature
    4. Don’t have to have battery gauges because it’s not necessary
    5. Generally guaranteed to come with a stand/hold for soldering iron
    6. Beginner friendly
    7. Most of the time soldering iron is in the pencil design, giving a clearer view of what’s being done/worked on

Cons to Corded

    1. Isn’t easily transportable/needs power outlet
    2. Not the best for hard-to-reach spots


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