Three Different Soldering Irons…Which One Do You Pick?

Sometimes we are a little biased  because we have the worlds best cordless soldering iron. However, we stumbled upon this video from Tampatec. He gives a great demonstration of three different soldering irons along with some good tips and tricks for a soldering beginner.

Power Pro Soldering Iron Kit (#7904)

Obviously Tampatec went over the Power Pro Soldering Iron Kit (#7904) first…because ours is the best! As you can see, one of the first things to do is to tin the tip, and it only took TEN seconds for our iron to heat up.  As noted, it is useful to use a wet sponge to clean the tip. When soldering, the best thing to do is to heat the solder joint up first, then apply the solder to the solder joint. Now onto soldering wires; the first thing to do is to strip off the ends of the wiring and make an X, then twist them together. Use flux (cleaning agent) to bond solder to solder joint. As you can see, there are multiple different variations of flux.

Power Probe Butane Soldering Iron

Next, he demonstrated the Power Probe Butane Soldering Iron. By looks alone, it is very similar to our Pro 90 Butane Soldering Iron Torch Kit Model #9010. As noted, the heat blower tip is great for when you need to shrink some heat tubing. While there are plenty of safety features to protect the kids on this iron, make sure that this tool is kept away from children! Leave the iron in low setting, and you can see it takes around twice as long to heat up compared to our Power Pro Soldering Iron.

TekWorthy Soldering Iron Kit

And last he went over the TekWorthy Soldering Iron Kit, looks like there is a lot that comes with it…. Let’s see how it compares. With first looks you notice that it is a corded soldering iron, and it takes around 60 seconds to heat up.  Tampatec used this iron to desolder. Using the desoldering braid with some flux is the best way to make sure that all the solder is picked up when you need it to be.

We like to show our customers proper soldering techniques as well as the differences in tools on the market. We hope you found this video informational and helpful when picking out your next soldering iron (hopefully an Iso-Tip)

For more of Tampatec’s videos click here and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!