Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered.

Here are your most frequently asked questions along with our frequently given answers including contact numbers, return policy and product information. All orders are Prepaid.

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How do I use my Tool Worth Discovering?

Check out our How To page for instruction manuals, quick fixes and more!

How do I contact Iso-Tip?
Use the form on the Contact Us page to e-mail us.

You can also become a fan on facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Q. Can I talk to someone now?

A. We’re in the office weekdays from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. CST. Call us at (715) 318-2822. If it’s after hours, we’ll get back to you the next business day, unless of course you’re a telemarketer or you forget to leave your number. It happens.

Is Iso-Tip still part of Wahl Clipper?
No. We’re now owned by Senasys as of December 2008.

Q. Since you’re not part of Wahl anymore, should I call or email Wahl to ask about Iso-Tip products?
A. No.

Q. But I have an Iso-Tip tool that I bought from Wahl 20-some years ago?
A. No. Leave Wahl alone. Contact us.

Do you have replacement parts for Iso-Tip products?

Yes. Check out our Replacements Parts in our online store for more info.

What products are in the Iso-Tip line?
Check out Iso-Tip’s online store for the full line-up.
Do you ship out of the country?
Yes we do, but we ask that you email or call us for shipping prices. You typically know the best route to use within your own country.
Is there a warranty on Iso-Tip products?
Yes. Iso-Tip offers a one-year limited warranty on our products. If your Iso-Tip tool fails to operate satisfactorily within one year from the date of the original purchase or receipt as a gift, Iso-Tip will, at our option, repair or replace the tool and return it to you.

Q. At Iso-Tip’s option?
A. Yes.

Q. But I don’t have my original receipt or a gift receipt. Is that going to be a problem?
A. Maybe.

Q. Why?
A. Because we need some sort of proof that the tool you’re wanting to return is actually under warranty.

Q. But isn’t there a date code on the product?
A. There is, but most likely the product was manufactured months before you bought it. If we have to base the warranty on the product’s date code, odds are the warranty will have run out.

Q. So what do I do now?
A. Do you remember where you bought the tool? Try returning it to them first.

How do I return a product to you?
By following these five steps:

  1. Call (715) 318-2822 to receive an authorization code.
    (If your product is out of warranty, Iso-Tip will need to obtain repair or replacement payment at this time. No payment information is necessary for products under warranty.)
  2. Write a note describing the defect.
  3. Attach the original receipt or gift receipt to the note.
  4. Write your authorization code on the note.
  5. Mail tool, charger (if applicable) and note to: Iso-Tip, ATTN: Returns, 704 Bartlett Avenue, Altoona, WI 54720. (You are financially responsible for shipping the defective product to Iso-Tip. If the product is under warranty, Iso-Tip will pay for shipping charges to return a working product to you. If the product is not under warranty, you will pay for all shipping charges.)

Q. Is there a restocking fee?
A. If you’re returning a product for a refund, there is a 15% restocking fee.

Q. What if I just send you a return without talking to someone at Iso-Tip first?
A. Don’t. We’ll ignore it.

Q. But I’ve included a nice note.
A. That’s sweet. But you really should have called first.

Q. It’s handwritten…
A. Yes…very impressive…

Q. So, how about looking at my return?
A. No. You should have called first.

Q. How are returned tools out of warranty dealt with?
A. Tools out of warranty will be repaired at our standard repair charge (plus shipping costs) or replaced at list price (plus shipping costs). You can find our repair product listing here:

Q. What voids the warranty?
A. The one-year limited warranty is void and no repair or replacement will be made under this warranty or otherwise if:

  • The tool is modified in any manner.
  • The tool is repaired by anyone other than Iso-Tip.
  • The tool has been subjected to unreasonable use.

Q. Are there any more details available for Iso-Tip’s one-year limited warranty?
A. Why yes, yes there are more details. Thanks for asking. Here they are: This warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have more rights which may vary from state to state. No other written express warranty is given. Any implied warranty which may arise from purchase or use is limited to the one-year period provided in this express warranty. Some states may not allow such limitations. No responsibility is assumed for incidental or consequential damages of any type or for the use of unauthorized attachments. Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Warranty valid only in the United States. This warranty does not cover worn out parts.

Q. If I send you a package, can I use Fed Ex or UPS?
A. Yes. You can also use regular mail. Our address is 1435 International Dr. Eau Claire, WI, 54701.

Can I sell the Iso-Tip line?
Possibly. You should call and talk to Sara.
What tip can I buy to fit my soldering iron?
Great Question! If you visit our shop, find your soldering iron, and in the description you will see which tips you can use!
The butane fuel cell cracked after I dropped the soldering iron onto the cement floor. Should I still use the tool?
Which products are obsolete?
These products:

  • #1371-001 Replacement battery for the RED #7800 and RED #7840.
  • #7870 25-Watt corded soldering iron.
  • #7872 40-Watt corded soldering iron.
  • #7873 Replacement tip for #7870
  • #7874 Replacement tip for #7872
  • #6785 4-in-1 pocket filer
  • #7459-002 24-count solder paste display
  • #7541 Standard PC cutter tip
  • #7569 Standard V tip
  • #7574 Standard Concave tip
  • #7675 Universal Ni-Cad Battery Recharger
  • #7420 Static-Free Large Grip Desoldering Tool
  • #7421 Static-Free Large Grip Replacement Tip
  • #7430 Static-Free Small Grip Desoldering Tool
  • #7431 Static-Free Small Grip Replacement Tip
  • #7425 Anti-Static Desoldering Tool
  • #7426 Anti-Static Replacement Tip
  • #7426 Anti-Static Replacement Tip
  • #7974 Pro 70 Butane Soldering Iron
  • #6780 Corded Filer/Sander
  • #6750 Cordless Filer/Sander
  • #9002 Smart Torch Pro
Can I get a custom tool from Iso-Tip?
Maybe. Call and talk to our customer service team. Or download and complete the custom request form and send it via e-mail.
Can I request a catalog?
Yes. Call, email or fax your request in. Make sure to include your name and mailing address.
Can I get distributor pricing?
If you’re an authorized Iso-Tip distributor, then yes.
How much is this tool, tip, replacement part, etc?
Check our online store for our entire product line pricing or visit any of our distributors.
When and how will my order ship?
Call and ask for Iso-Tip Customer Service regarding timing. She’ll be able to help you out.

Your order will ship the best way possible. If you select UPS, we’ll ship your order UPS. If you select to pay for shipping using the “weight rate” option, then we’ll ship your order the best way possible – either with the United States Postal Service or UPS. No matter how it ships, you’ll see a tracking number the day your bounty of tool treasure leaves the fine city of Eau Claire.

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