Here at Iso-Tip, we are all about products that make your life easier. One of those interesting products we carry is our CO2 Drain Gun. This tool is designed to clear a condensate line with a blast of pressurized CO2.

Read below for instructions on how to use this CO2 Drain Gun, or click here for an easy to use PDF version:Drain Cleaning Tool

  1. Unscrew the cylinder enclosure from the unit’s head and insert the large end of a CO2 cylinder into the enclosure with the narrow end up.
  2. While making sure the red safety lever is in the up position, screw the cylinder enclosure back onto the unit head of the drain line cleaner. Firmly hand tighten the cylinder enclosure until it is fully tightened to prevent any gas leakage, but do not overtighten. If the CO2 cylinder has screw threads, then screw the CO2 cylinder only into the unit’s head by turning it clockwise until it is hand tight. Then screw the cylinder enclosure to the unit head. Do not use a tool to tighten either the cylinder or the cylinder enclosure.
  3. To release the trigger, hold the cylinder enclosure and pull the red safety lever down until you hear a snap.
  4. Firmly and squarely push the black rubber cone into the end of the condensate drain line. Minimum drain line size is 3/8” (10 mm) diameter to a maximize drain line size of 3/4″ diameter (20 mm).
  5. While pressing the rubber cone into the drain line opening, pull the trigger until the line is cleared of obstruction.
  6. Be sure to push the safety lever back up until you hear a snap to be sure the trigger is not depressed accidentally.

The CO2 pressurized gas then pushes through the pipe, clearing the pipe or dislodging the clog with the burst of air. As an added bonus, because this drain gun uses CO2, it is also environmentally friendly!

This drain gun has a working pressure of 800 psi, and includes a flexible hose with a rubber tip at the end. It works as a pressurized air burst cleaner for all sorts of clogs in your pipes.

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You can access the PDF version of these instruction here as well.