As I am sure many of you reading this know, we’ve proven to make the best cordless soldering iron. Many of you also know that we do what we can to make you the best soldering iron available. From hand making cordless irons and tips here in America to testing absolutely every tip we send out. We here at Iso-Tip strive for perfection. Yet, a review from grayfurnaceman on YouTube raised a question that many people ask, why doesn’t Iso-Tip make use of an LED soldering iron bulb? That brings us to the question at hand. Why use an incandescent soldering iron bulb with all of the benefits of an LED bulb? The answer is kind of simple yet some of you may question it. The cost efficiency just isn’t there. The cost of a micro LED soldering iron bulb is significantly higher than just a simple incandescent.

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LED Soldering Iron Bulb Options

Soldering iron bulb

Standard Iso-Tip Bulb

We had a couple of choices when it came to our bulb choices. We chose rather than passing on the price to you, we have left the decision up to you. For many of our customers the incandescent does the job well enough. Many people are using our iron in places with more than adequate ambient light. So rather than charge every customer for the LED soldering iron bulb we placed the ball in you court. Finding an Led replacement is easy and we have the instructions on how to convert to an LED soldering iron bulb. You can find that video here. But we want to let you choose if that is something you need and would like to spend the money on.

We are currently working toward an all new model of portable soldering iron designed to become the best of the best. The industry standard of portable soldering irons. With a beefed up battery and a LED bulb this Iron will last longer, work stronger and shine brighter. Making this better than any other iron on the market. While still in development we hope that this iron will be come the flagship of the Iso-Tip portable soldering iron line.

If you would like to watch grayfurnaceman’s full product review it is posted below. In his review he states the soldering iron is a “neat little tool” and one that can be taken out to solder where there is no power. Thanks grayfurnaceman for a great review.

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