We had a customer that we build a product for in one of our other divisions. The drawing called out a small bleed hole. After we made the parts the customer decided they didn’t want the small hole. The customer was out of the country. Shipping the parts back to rebuild them was not a great option; or at least it would have cut into my year-end bonus a bunch.

We solved the problem by using a flat knife like tip on the 7700 cordless soldering iron to weld the hole closed. Try using a 7700 next time you have a plastic part that’s broken or needs modification, it works slick.

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Iso-Tip 7700 Soldering Iron

Ideal for the service technician, craftsman or hobbyist, these cordless soldering irons offer convenient operation with a light-weight and balanced design to guard against user-fatigue. Electrical leaks and damage are completely eliminated due to direct current operation and the use of our isolated ceramic tips. The cordless soldering irons have a power rating of 25 watts and reach a tip temperature of 900°F in less than ten seconds.

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