Like it said in the Welcome part, we do enjoy our customers. Here’s a couple interesting E-mails we received.  


AN OLDIE BUT GOODIE…Hi there. I don’t normally write to companies like this, but I thought you would like to hear this. I purchased my model S.I. cordless soldering iron around 1973 when I was in college and since then it has been my “go to” soldering iron for everything. I have replaced the batteries numerous times and even added an LED to show when it was properly seated in the charging station. It’s nice to have something that always works and has lasted all these years. Thanks for making a good product.”


“E.W. A QUICK TRIP TO AFGHANISTAN Hello, I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with the Army, and have ‘acquired’ an ISO-TIP Quick Charge Soldering Iron that the previous unit had ordered. I must say that I am extremely impressed with your product, it’s perfect for helicopter avionics! Now, enough with the kiss ass..I would like to figure out how to order your product through my supply system. The previous unit was able to, however I don’t have NSN’s or Part numbers that relate to the Army supply system. I have two irons that work, but also need to order new tips. If I can’t get the numbers, I’ll buy them…just would rather charge them to the Army. Last, but not least, I enjoyed reading your website. Sometimes it’s funny to just make it simple! Thanks for your time. v/r T.W. SGT, USAR”


Thanks for the great reviews! 


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