Iso-Tip Pays It Forward

We here at Iso-Tip had a goal this year, and that goal to show the communities how Iso-Tip pays it forward to the electronics community. We want to thank individuals in the electronics community for teaching smart humans about electronics.  As our way of saying Thank You, we are sending bloggers in the electronic community our QuickCharge Pro #7700 model soldering iron.  Check out a few of the electronic masters that we have already sent one to…

Paul Budzik – Soldering for Scale Modeling

EricTheCarGuy – How to Solder

KipKay – Laser Tripwire

Jimmie Rodgers – Soldering Setup for Workshops

Martin Lorton – Solar Power and Electronic Measurement Equipment

Randy Hall – How to Build: Ham Radio 2 Meter Quarter Wave Antenna & HAM Nation Podcast

If you know of someone who you think is deserving of a free #7700 soldering iron, shoot us an e-mail and we will be sure to check them out!