Iso-Tip PC Drill Attachment

ISO-TIP PC drill attachment

A while back we had a customer contact us looking for support on one of his Iso-Tip tools. We hear from people with tools dating back to the 70s maybe once every week or so. Just when we think we know all the Iso-Tip products from the past, a new one pops up! This customer had something that made us scratch our head. He was claiming to have an Iso-Tip PC drill. We had never heard of it. Then I asked him for pictures and what I received was pretty neat!

Iso-Tip Pc drill attachment

Iso-Tip PC Drill Attachment

What Is the Iso-Tip PC Drill Attachment?

This drill was designed for PC board drilling. If you were soldering and struggling to get a contact wire through a hole, because a hole was too small or dirty, you could place this drill attachment right onto the front of your soldering tool. While it was only available in one drill dimension it was exactly the right size. From our understanding the PC drill attachment head fit on the cordless soldering iron models, as a quick change out feature. We don’t know why they gave this project the ax, but we were sad to find out they did. Who knows maybe it could of been the start to an Iso-Tip line of rotary tools.

Do you Have An Exotic Old Iso-Tip?

We offered this gentleman an exchange for his old tool and he happily traded it for a brand new iron. Now we have this magnificent relic in our display case for all to see. Iso-Tip may not make this interesting tool any more but we are definitely happy to see one. Who knows maybe we will make an updated version of this historic tool.  If you have a tool dating back to the seventies we’d love to see it.

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