Iso-Tip Soldering IronAs you probably know, we here at Iso-Tip have one of the greatest cordless soldering irons in the world (the greatest, in our opinion). However, even the best of irons don’t last forever. This is why we have our Iso-Tip rebuild program, where you can send in your Iso-Tip iron and get it fixed up by the people who know them best.

Iso-Tip Rebuild

We offer repairs for the grey 7700. When we receive an iron, we take a look at all the internal components and make the necessary replacements. Previously, our rebuild program involved having to call us so we could get everything set up, but now you can just select the rebuild you need on our website and fill everything out online. This should save you time and ensure that we can get your iron up and running as fast as possible.

For more information about getting your soldering iron rebuilt, click here.

Iso-Tip Soldering Iron Parts Kit

If you have a more do-it-yourself mentality, we also offer an Iso-Tip rebuild kit. This kit includes a battery, tip, bulb, and instructions. Our 7700 and 7904 irons are simple, so making repairs is easy. Just be careful if you plan to repair a 7800 iron yourself. Repairing that iron requires another soldering iron in order to install the battery, so we recommend that you only try that if you’re experienced with a soldering iron.

For more information about our soldering iron replacement parts kit, click here.

If you’ve never tried one of our cordless soldering irons we hope you will. We also supply other “tools worth discovering” for heating, finish work and the tough soldering jobs. If you have a need let us know, we do appreciate input from the people that use our products. Not all cordless soldering irons and especially tips are the same. Let us know what you think, we enjoy what we do and appreciate the people we do it for.