Nanospark, another division of Senasys, is making good use of our Iso-Tip soldering tools. Nanospark is a micro controller that is able to communicate with multiple pieces of equipment using mobile technology. The Iso-Tip cordless soldering irons contributed to populating the printed circuit board, and a butane torch to add shrink tube at the connection points.

On the assembly side of Nanospark we’re using Model #7700 Quick Charge Cordless Soldering iron with a Micro Tip (Model #7566) to solder the wires to the connector pin and circuit board. See images below. The fine tip gets between the wires without burning the board or melting other joints. We are soldering about 200-250 joints daily, so a second soldering iron is ready on a charger just in case.

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See what our Nanospark production team said below.IMG_0175

 “As I was creating a demo for the Nanospark Controller, I found how useful Iso-Tip irons were to my project. As I was setting up an alcohol sensor for a demo, I found it easy to solder my ground, power, and analog wires to the alcohol sensor module. Now, not only did this keep me organized, but it looked clean!  I didn’t have a wire mess, and my audience can understand the features of this intuitive device without having to dig around the wiring. Giving it a professional appearance, I used a Titan Smart Torch to add shrink tube at the connection points.”

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