Nanospark, another division of Senasys, is making good use of our Iso-Tip irons. With the use of Iso-Tip soldering irons, Nanospark is able to connect with multiple pieces of equipment. Iso-Tip contributed to the manufacturing of the Nanospark Controller, and can be used for personal practice.IMG_0175

 As I was creating a demo for the Nanospark Controller, I found how useful Iso-Tip irons were to my project. As I was setting up an alcohol sensor for a demo, I found it easy to solder my ground, power, and analog wires to the alcohol sensor module. Now, not only did this keep me organized, but it looked clean!  I didn’t have a wire mess, and my audience can understand the features of this intuitive device without having to dig around the wiring. Giving it a professional appearance, I used a Titan Smart Torch to add shrink tube at the connection points.

I began wondering if these irons are used elsewhere by the Senasys team (of which Iso-Tip and Nanospark are divisions). They are! On the assembly side of Nanospark we’re using the 7904 Power Pro with a Micro tip (#7566) to solder the wires to the connector pin and to the circuit board. The fine tips get between the wires without burning the board or melting other joints. On a given day we will solder about 200-250 joints so a second 7904 is ready on the charger just in case.


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