We recently found this customer review of our Pro 120 butane soldering iron on Amazon that we thought you should see. It even includes a few troubleshooting tips for anyone who might be having issues.

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“I originally bought one of these soldering irons 10 years ago, and used it every day for installing car alarms and stereos. I re-wired several old muscle cars, and basically just used the hell out of this thing. I dropped it lots of times, used it in 115 degree heat, and in 20 degree cold days too. I went through 2 tips for it.

I would say I got a couple years of daily use out of it, then I got a different job and used it significantly less. Still, it lasted 10 years. Now my old soldering iron still works, but it doesn’t always light up right away and I ordered a new one. I originally paid $60 for mine, and now I just paid $72, which is a bit high, but still worth it.

A few troubleshooting tips:

To get started, fill it up with butane on the back end, then push the little red switch forward. It clicks and lights up right away. After about 30 seconds, it’s hot enough to use. It comes with a soldering tip that is perfect for general automotive soldering. You can do some circuit board stuff too, but you may want a smaller tip if you’re working on really small stuff. Take the tip off, and it becomes a torch. It’s perfect for soldering heavy gauge wires like battery terminals.

  1. If you use it as a torch, and it won’t light up, check to make sure you didn’t drip solder onto the end of it. This shorts out the spark. Just clean the solder off if this happens.
  2. If you’ve used it a lot and it sputters and won’t heat up, replace the tip.
  3. If the butane leaks out the back right after you’ve filled it, shake it a bit, and use your hands to warm up the fill valve on the end. Filling it makes it very cold and the valve can stick a bit. You can also push the butane fill can on to it a few times to get it un-stuck.

This soldering iron has out-performed and out-lasted any electric soldering iron I’ve ever used. You won’t be disappointed.”

Iso-Tip Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Kit – Model #7977Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Kit – Model #7977

If you’re looking for the industry leader, then the Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Kit is the way to go. This is the industry standard automatic ignition, multi-function heat tool, and the benchmark of cordless heat tools. The Pro 120 butane soldering iron can adapt as a torch, hot knife, and heat tool by simply changing out the tip. Our Model #7977 is powered by readily available butane, so you will never need to worry about electricity leaking into sensitive circuits. Our kit is dependable under all types of weather conditions. The Pro 120 kit is  compact, portable and ready to use within 20 seconds of ignition.

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Thanks for the great review Paul! We’re glad to see that you have gotten so much use from our Pro 120. Be sure to check out the product page if you think this item would make a nice additional to your tool kit. If anyone else has a review you think we should share, feel free to contact us and we’ll take a look at it.

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