Thank you to w2eaw for this awesome review on our butane soldering iron kit! I know he says that he normally doesn’t do reviews, but we are sure glad that he did one for us.

Purchase our Pro 90 Butane Soldering Kit here! This kit includes a Conical Tip, a Chisel Tip, a Hot Knife Tip, a Blow Torch Tip, a Solder Dispenser, a Protective Cap, a Sponge and a Carry Case.

He gives a great demonstration of all the different tips in the below video (conical, chisel, hot knife, and hot air blower) that come with the Model #9010 butane soldering kit. Look at how easy it is to unscrew the tips and make that adjustment for the different types of soldering jobs that are going to come across your workbench. You will also note how he uses the side exhaust holes on the conical tip for the shrink tube.

You can also use the heat blower tip for hot air re-flow soldering for part removal or part replacement. Look at how easy it is to lift that part right off the board. As noted, the iron heats up super-fast which is ideal when you need to do a quick soldering job, just make sure you wait for it to cool down before you put it back in the case! Again, thanks to w2eaw for this very informative review of the Iso-Tip Pro 90.

For more information about the Pro 90 butane soldering iron, click here.