Isolated tips | What it is for

Our Isolated Tip design gives you a the high temp you need quickly at the push of a button anyplace. You might find yourself done with the job while other irons are still heating up. Now what is it that we mean by isolated tip? Our high-quality Isolated soldering tips are comprised of nine different parts where as others are just one solid piece of metal. Our Isolated soldering tips have an isolated heating coil and what that allows us to do is isolate the current preventing it from leaking out of the tip of the soldering iron causing damage to sensitive electronic circuitry.


High efficiency and Long Life Isolated Tips

Over the years we have developed more than 20 Isolated tips to meet your soldering needs. Our High efficiency Isolated tips get you to a soldering temperature and use capable of reaching 900o in less than 10 seconds while using 20% less energy. With seven different shapes in this line it is the ideal Isolated tip for quick fixes. Over the years we have also developed a long-life Isolated tip. This nickel-plated Isolated tip is designed to withstand long periods of soldering without shorting or deforming. While this line of Isolated tips does take approximately two seconds longer to reach soldering temperatures if you’re in it for the long haul the three Isolated tips in this line are for you. With all these fancy Isolated tips for the pros it may leave you wondering,


Standard Isolated Tip

All of our Isolated Tips

What about me the hobbyist? Don’t you worry we haven’t forgotten about you smart human. We have 10 standard Isolated tips designed for a broad range of uses from our 3/16” heavy-duty Isolated tip (#7546) to our 1/64” extended micro Isolated tip (#7591) we have the Isolated tip for the job. Easily snapping in and out of any of our Iso-Tip soldering irons.

We frequently hear back from our customers and when we do we like to know what it is they are using our irons for. We have heard the standard such as soldering PC boards or repairing wiring or circuits inside the machines of industrial and manufacturing settings where you may not have an outlet. Some things that we’ve heard that our iron really shines at are hobbyist applications; Such as model trains and towns. We have even heard of people using them to repair guitars back stage and on tour. If there’s something you use it for that you think is interesting or different we would love to hear it.


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