Metals to AvoidWhen soldering, there are many important factors to keep in mind. The biggest component being safety. To stay safe while soldering, there are many different things that can and should be done. These actions include wearing safety goggles and ensuring that your skin is covered every time you work on a project. However, another important thing to keep in mind to stay safe while soldering is the type of metals you use. While there are many types of metal that are safe to use, some metals are not safe to use. One type of metal that should be avoided is lead. When lead gets heated, it can cause serious damage via fume inhalation and ingestion through your skin. As lead can bring poisoning, it is best to avoid it for all applications.

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While not all bad metal choices have the dramatic results that lead can provide, it is still important to make sure the metal you choose is right. An example is aluminum and brass. While these metals can be soldered safely, they aren’t the easiest to solder due to their high melting points. Some great choices for soldering are tin, gold, silver, and copper to name a few.