Model 7700 Cordless Soldering ToolI was recently doing some research on model trains when I came across a blog dedicated to someone’s model railroad. I read through a few posts and looked at a few videos on his YouTube channel. His setup is quite impressive, and I decided to reach out to him about trying out our Model 7700 cordless soldering tool. I sent him one to review, and he had some good things to say about it. In his words “I tried it out on a modeling project last weekend. It does great. No cord is the biggest advantage and it’s so easy to use. I wish I would have gotten one of these years ago.” We also heard from Chris, one of the readers of his blog. “My friend Mike gave your product an excellent review and he’s not easy to please so that’s saying something! I am starting the last expansion of my model railroad and am currently helping two friends lay track on theirs so I am looking forward to using this tool and doing away with cords.”

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As we’ve mentioned before, our irons are great for those of you working on model railroads. Cords can be cumbersome and get in the way when you’re working. Once you go cordless, you’ll never want to go back! And our cordless irons are  the best on the market. We build each iron by hand at our factory here in Altoona, WI. Customers use our irons for decades, and only have to replace the battery every 10 years or so.

Model 7700 Cordless Soldering Tool

  • Fully recharges in 3.5 to 4.0 hours
  • Partially charged battery to full capacity in one to two hours
  • Up to 125 soldering joints per charge during continuous use
  • Withstands high-rate charging without damage

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I want to thank Shannon for taking the time to write a great review on our iron. We love hearing feedback from end users. Be sure to check out his blog at There you can see his full review of our Model 7700, as well as the cool projects he works on. 

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