Obsolete toolsMany of you have owned our most popular line of tools since their inception in the 60’s. The Cordless soldering iron line has changed nearly a dozen times since it has come out. Many of these obsolete Iso-Tip soldering tools can be refurbished to a like new condition. Our highly trained team frequently brings irons as old as the 70’s back from the brink. If you are interested in our refurbishment program click here.

Most of these products have been obsolete for more than 20 years. Here is a list of all Obsolete Iso-Tip Soldering Tools, a few recommended replacement options and what tools are available for our refurbishment program.

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Tools Available for Refurbishment

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Obsolete Iso-Tip Soldering Tools & Replacement Options

Most of the Iso-Tip tools were discontinued in order to create a stronger more efficient product. Below is a list of all of our discontinued and obsolete tools. A large number of these tools have yet to be seen by the current staff at Iso-Tip. So if you have one, send us a picture!

  • #1371-001 Replacement battery for the RED #7800 and RED #7840 (Here’s a list of available replacement options.)Iso-Tip Cordless Soldering Irons
  • #7870 25-Watt corded soldering iron.
  • #7872 40-Watt corded soldering iron.
  • #7873 Replacement tip for #7870
  • #7874 Replacement tip for #7872
  • #6785 4-in-1 pocket filer
  • #7459-002 24-count solder paste display
  • #7541 Standard PC cutter tip
  • #7569 Standard V tip
  • #7574 Standard Concave tip
  • #7675 Universal Ni-Cad Battery Charger
  • #7420 Static-Free Large Grip Desoldering Tool
  • #7421 Static-Free Large Grip Replacement Tip
  • #7430 Static-Free Small Grip Desoldering Tool
  • #7431 Static-Free Small Grip Replacement Tip
  • #7425 Anti-Static Desoldering Tool
  • #7426 Anti-Static Replacement Tip
  • #9002 Smart Torch Pro (Current model is the 7978 Smart Torch EZ)
  • Cordless Auto Feeding Soldering Gun
  • Wahl Iso-Tip Brighteyes Pro
  • #7974 Pro 70 Butane Soldering Iron (Current model is the #9010 Pro 90 Soldering Iron)
  • #7800 Yellow “60” Pro Charge Soldering Iron Kit (Current model is #7700 Quick Charge or our new #8000 Power Pro Advanced)

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