Older Iso-Tip Soldering Iron Kits Replacement Parts

We receive a number of questions from our customers about the older soldering iron kits dated back to 1970. The good news is we do rebuild those. And we offer an exchange program if a replacement part isn’t available or the soldering iron kit is beyond rebuilding. You can send your soldering iron kits into us and we will bring the iron up to date by replacing the battery, bulb, wires, transformer, etc. With a small fee of $24.95 +shipping for the 7500, 7700 and 7904 series. We recommend this for a handful of the irons especially the #7800 yellow model and rebuild cost of $29.95 +shipping.  Give us a call at 715-318-2822 or send an email to info@iso-tip.com, we will provide you with an RMA number to include with your package. Please don’t just ship the iron into us, as it causes issues with receiving and really you’ll just give us a BIG headache. 🙂


Another option is to purchase the replacement parts and rebuild it yourself. The nice thing about most all of our iron owners is that they know what they are doing inside electronics.

We’re all about color coordination at Iso-Tip…

The orange 7700 model iron can be replaced with any of our current grey #7700 model parts, including the #7733 battery & #7728-100 charging base.

For the #7500 Iso-Tip SI model iron, you can also use any of the products associated with the #7700 model.

If you still have the screw base bulb in your iron we have a limited supply of those. If you would like to update to the bayonet style we have the parts for that also. And yes, we have looked at the LED options.
Any questions or need further information, give us a call.
To send your soldering iron kits in to us for the rebuild program, contact our customer service department at 715-318-2822 and request an RMA number.
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