Our Cordless Soldering Irons Are A Great Addition To Any Project

Our Cordless Soldering Irons are great for any type of project you are working on. We always see some pretty neat creations come through our doors and through our emails. Today we are going to look at our friend Dennis. Dennis  sent in a few pictures of a project that had worked on with his cordless soldering iron. He recently purchased our 7700 Quick Charge Soldering Iron Kit, as an upgrade to his 7500-SI Model. If you are looking to upgrade your older Iso-Tip tool, make sure you check out our shop!

Our cordless soldering iron was used to make this Oatmeal Box Crystal Radio. Dennis worked on this with one of the young kids in his neighborhood. It is awesome to hear about young kids becoming interested in our soldering tools. Maybe these young kids will even put it our cordless soldering irons on their Christmas list! We do recommend for anyone under the age of 16 to have adult supervision when working with our soldering irons. Our soldering irons reach temperatures of 900°F in less than 10 seconds.  Dennis and his young friend sent us over some pictures of their finished product.  The pictures you can see below, it is a pretty neat project that’s for sure.  Their creation has not been hooked up to the antenna yet, but rumor has it, the unit will work flawlessly.

If you are interested in making your own Oatmeal Box Crystal Radio CLICK HERE, it will take you to a website that further explains the project that our friend Dennis worked on. We are always interested in how our customers are using our Iso-Tip products, give us a shout by clicking here and maybe you will be featured on our website next.

cordless soldering irons in action cordless soldering irons to make Crystal Radio

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