A Heat Gun That Fits In your Pocket?

Heat guns are a tool that should be in every tool box. From the basic do it yourself toolbox to the professional mechanics and electricians of the world. A pocket sized heat gun has a nearly infinite number of uses.

Most Common Application

Pocket Sized heat Gun

After heat shrink application by Micro-Therm

Pocket Sized Heat Gun

Wires Prior to heat shrink application using Micro-Therm

The Micro-Therm was made for shrink tubing. It is a phenomenal electricians aid. Once you solder or joint two wires together you have a few options as to what comes next. The most short term is electrical tape. Your next option would be wire connectors. In tight spaces or in high use areas these can get in the way or break. The professional solution is to place heat shrink tubing around it. This is the same type of tubing that comes on your wires. You can simply slip some heat shrink tubing onto the wire before you connect the two ends. Once you have connected them simply slide it over the exposed wires. This is where a pocket sized heat gun comes in handy. Exposing shrink tubing to heat you have a permanent and safe low impact coating over your wires.

Pocket Sized Heat Gun

A Kydex Holster Made and finished with a Micro-Therm Heat Gun

Other Uses

There are many more uses than just heat shrink tubing. Kydex is a high impact, easily mold-able plastic. People frequently make holsters and knife scabbards out of kydex. This is all well and good until your mold is too tight and the knife sticks in this piece of plastic. Carefully moving a Micro-Therm pocket sized heat gun from side to side over the tight area. You can then safely remove whatever it is you are molding.

Another great use for the Micro-Therm is with cell phone repairs. When replacing or repairing a cell phone screen there is heat sensitive glue that adheres the numerous parts of new phones. Using the gun to heat the glue, the screen and back can easily be removed from the phone.


For the details on this nifty heat gun, check out the product page.

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