We recently had a customer ask if our parts were made in the USA.  The simple answer is the cordless irons and the filer sanders are Made in the USA.  The butane products are made in Taiwan. The detailed answer for the cordless soldering irons and filer/sanders is:   All of the final assembly is done in the US, and almost all of the parts come from the US.

As one example of the parts distribution for our 7700 cordless soldering irons: Of the 39 components, one part comes from Mexico, one part come from Taiwan and two from China.  We are in-process of bringing production in house for the Mexico part but the sub component for that will still probably come from overseas – we haven’t run into anyone that makes that in the US anymore.  This works out to around 8% of the total cost from overseas parts – but 92% of final production and first level fabrication are done in the US.


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