Burning things is part of being human that is why our Iso-Tip Torches are a great fit for your tool chest. Be a Smart Human with our line of Smart Torches. Each torch features a Piezo electronic ignition system, refillable gas tank and solid construction. New to the line is the Smart Torch Titan.

The Smart Torch Titan, with its fully adjustable 2400°F precision flame, has enough intensity to wow even the most discerning gadget enthusiast. Its ignition system is both wind-resistant and completely water-proof. And just for fun, the Smart Torch Titan’s transparent fuel tank glows neon blue when in use – which is truly even more entertaining than it sounds. Seriously, the glowing blue tank may cause you to immediately ignite the Titan three or four times in a row for no other reason than to gaze into its mesmerizing brilliance. So go on! Burn things. Torch stuff. Make your friends jealous. What else is there – that is (of course) aside from the plethora of feature-filled insightful details below? Click here to check out the product page

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