Drain Cleaning Tool

Senasys’ CO2 drain cleaning tool is great for tough clogs in hard to reach areas! A must have tool for anyone doing contract work or who wants to avoid a call to the plumber. Simply insert a standard threaded or unthreaded CO2 cartridge and you’re ready to go. Using this Drain Cleaning Tool is a piece of cake!

As a global manufacturer of soldering irons, torches, heat guns, solder paste, filers/sanders and accessories for industrial, electrical and creative applications, we’re an enthusiastic company that likes to enable people to invent and have fun with heat tools.

Iso-Tip was founded by Wahl Clipper’s Industrial Division in 1971. Using Wahl’s rechargeable battery technology, the company invented the world’s first successful cordless rechargeable soldering iron.
In December 2008, Senasys purchased the Iso-Tip line from Wahl Clipper. Today, Iso-Tip is located in Altoona, Wisconsin and offers a full line of professional heat tools.

We at Iso-Tip believe the power of talking to a human when you contact us. We think robots are cool and all, but when you have a question we direct you straight to a human’s voice. On top of speaking to a human, Iso-Tip’s cordless soldering irons and accessories are made in the U.S.A. Providing our customers the highest quality heating tools on the market.

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