Iso-Tip Smart Torches

Burning things is part of being human that is why our Iso-Tip Torches are a great fit to you tool chest. Be a Smart Human with our line of Iso-Tip Smart Torches. Each torch features a Piezo electronic ignition system, refillable gas tank and solid construction. New to the line is the Smart Torch Titan.

As a global manufacturer of soldering irons, torches, heat guns, solder paste, filers/sanders and accessories for industrial, electrical and creative applications, we’re an enthusiastic company that likes to enable people to invent and have fun with heat tools.

We at Iso-Tip believe the power of talking to a human when you contact us. We think robots are cool and all, but when you have a question we direct you straight to a human’s voice. On top of speaking to a human, Iso-Tip’s cordless soldering irons and accessories are made in the U.S.A. Providing our customers the highest quality heating tools on the market.

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