7904 Power Pro Soldering Iron Rebuild (#7904-002)


  • Rebuild includes a replacement battery, fuse wire, transformer, bulb, and tip
  • The shipping charge covers return shipping

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We no longer have inventory of the 7933 battery. We are able to rebuild the 7904 iron, but we will have to use a 7733 battery. The only difference in functionality will be a slightly shorter run time.

Here at Iso-Tip we know that many of our customers are very D.I.Y. oriented, but some of you out there would feel more comfortable leaving repairs to the professionals. We are always happy to take a look at any Iso-Tip brand soldering iron that isn’t operating at peak efficiency and get it back in tip-top shape. Send us the iron, charger, and any tips you are using and we’ll take everything apart and replace the necessary components.

Please note, Iso-Tip can only rebuild the black 7904. This is because we no longer carry parts for the older body styles. If any other styles are sent to us, we will contact you about return shipping. If we do not hear from you after 30 days, the iron will be discarded. Your rebuild will include the following repairs: battery, fuse wire, transformer, bulb, and tips.


  1. Fill out the form provided upon completing the online check out process (which can also be found here), and include it with the iron when you ship it to us.
  2. Ship the iron, charger, any tips being used, invoice and the form to: Iso-Tip, Attn: Rebuild, 704 Bartlett Ave., Altoona WI 54720 Makes sure to include all of these items or we will not be able to perform a rebuild.
  3. 7 to 10 days after we receive the iron we will ship it back to you

If the item is under warranty and was purchased directly from us, please contact us! If the item is under warranty and was purchased from one of our distributors (ex. Amazon), please go through them. Please note that if your item was modified or repaired by anyone other than Iso-Tip, this voids the warranty. If the iron was significantly altered, we may be unable to perform repairs, in which case you will be contacted.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


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