High-Efficiency Heavy Duty Tip (#7546-100)

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High-Efficiency tips reach soldering temperature in less than 10 seconds and reach a tip temperature of approximately 900°F.

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High-Efficiency Heavy Duty Tip

The High-Efficiency Heavy Duty Tip diameter is 3/16″ or .188″. High-Efficiency Tips heat up faster and provide 20% more soldering time than our standard tips. Tips reach soldering temperature in less than 10 seconds and reach temperature of approximately 900°F.

Our isolated ceramic replacement tips match any job and easily snap in and out of all Iso-Tip rechargeable soldering irons including the EZ Change, Quick Charge, “60” Pro Charge and Power Pro models.

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1 review for High-Efficiency Heavy Duty Tip (#7546-100)

  1. jammit (verified owner)

    Good supplement for an existing set of “normal” (smaller) tips. You really shouldn’t need this big of a tip (wears out the battery faster and the extra heat will wear out the tip) but useful if the old Weller soldering gun (with real Bakelite handle handed down from my dad) isn’t available. If you really need to do ten or more joints that require this big of a tip, you should think about using a butane iron or grab your trusty Weller and a really long extension cord. Seriously good if you just need to do a couple of big joints.

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