High-Efficiency Regular Soldering Tip (#7535-100)

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High-Efficiency tips reach soldering temperature in less than 10 seconds and reach a tip temperature of approximately 900°F.


High-Efficiency Regular Soldering Tip

Experience unmatched efficiency and precision with our High-Efficiency Regular Soldering Tip. Crafted with quality and reliability in mind, this tip has a diameter of 5/32″ or .156″, ensuring optimal performance for a wide range of soldering tasks. Unlike our standard tips, our High-Efficiency variant heats up faster, providing you with 20% more soldering time, allowing you to tackle your projects with speed and precision.

Our High-Efficiency soldering iron tips are designed to help streamline your soldering workflow. This is due to this tip’s capability to reach soldering temperature in under 10 seconds and achieving a temperature of approximately 900°F, this tip empowers you to work swiftly and effectively, without compromising on quality. Whether you’re soldering small components or undertaking larger soldering tasks like home projects, our tip delivers consistent performance, allowing you to focus on your craft without interruptions.

Designed for convenience and versatility, our isolated ceramic replacement tips effortlessly snap in and out of all Iso-Tip rechargeable soldering irons, including the EZ Change, Quick Charge, “60” Pro Charge, and Power Pro models. Whether you’re tackling intricate electronics, delicate jewelry, or larger soldering projects, our tip is up to the task, ensuring hassle-free operation and reliable performance.

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1 review for High-Efficiency Regular Soldering Tip (#7535-100)

  1. Craig L. Reding (verified owner)

    This tip works as advertised. I needed a battery operated soldering iron with tips that was super portable and would heat quickly. After receiving the iron and tips I tried it out making several connections. Perfect for my needs!

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