Iso-Tip Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Kit – Model #7977

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Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Kit features:
  • Run time of up to 200 minutes
  • 30-125W electrical power equivalent
  • Soldering temperature of 480°-1000°F
  • Torch temperature of 2400°F


Are you looking for the industry leader, then choose the Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Kit. This is the industry standard automatic ignition, multi-function heat tool, and the benchmark of cordless heat tools. The Pro 120 butane soldering iron can adapt as a torch, hot knife and heat tool by simply changing out the tip. Our Model #7977 is powered by readily available butane, so you will never need to worry about electricity leaking into sensitive circuits. Our kit is dependable under all types of weather conditions. The Pro 120 kit is  compact, portable and ready to use within 20 seconds of ignition.

Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Kit includes:

  • Butane Powered Soldering Tool
  • Pro Industrial 1.6 mm Conical Tip – #7922-005
  • Pro Industrial Torch Tip – #7992-008
  • Protective Cap with Igniter
  • Instruction Manual – also available on our website here

4 out of 5 Star Customer Rating on Amazon

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UPC: 043917797700

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Weight 0.75 lbs

1 review for Iso-Tip Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron Kit – Model #7977

  1. Martin Lopez (verified owner)

    One of the best quality build soldering iron, I use it for plastic forming, electrical wiring solder and shrink tubing. Very convenient ignition system.
    Customer service availability and knowledge is exelent.

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