Durable, Professional Cordless Soldering Iron

Here’s a quick review on the the durable and structure of the Model #7700 Cordless Soldering Iron by Rinoa Super-Genius. When the tool was taken apart, Rinoa states it’s a straight forward, simple, professional cordless soldering iron in design. Most noteworthy, after dropping several times, the tip proved to be strong and durable. Furthermore, the cordless tips are what make the soldering iron such a great tool. Our high-quality isolated soldering tips are comprised of nine different parts. Rather than others on the market are just one solid piece of metal. Our Isolated soldering tips have an isolated heating coil. Consequently this prevents the current from leaking out of the tip which could cause damage to sensitive electronic circuitry. Therefore, this makes our cordless soldering irons one of the best on the market today. For more information about our cordless tips, click here.

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