Rechargeable Battery Soldering Iron Uses Ni-Cad

Another amateur radio YouTuber did a great review on our Model #7700 Rechargeable Battery Soldering Iron. He’s right to why we continue to use the Ni-Cad battery rather than upgrading to a lithium. Every year we review the different battery options. We still believe the Ni-Cad is best for our soldering irons.  Although, we are excited about a few new things happening in the battery world. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

Another common question we get asked a lot that ties with the Ni-Cad, why do we continue to use an incandescent bulb rather than LED?  The answer is kind of simple yet some of you may question it. The cost efficiency just isn’t there. The cost of a micro LED soldering iron bulb is significantly higher than just a simple incandescent. Therefore, to provide our customers with a great tool, we also want to provide it at a reasonable price.

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Check out the review below. Thanks HamRadioConcepts!