replacement bulbsAt Iso-Tip, we have created and obsoleted several different cordless soldering irons in our store. These obsoleted soldering irons include our red, orange, yellow, and black models. Although we may not carry these soldering iron models anymore, they are still being used today all over the world. While we no longer sell any stock or replacement parts for these old soldering irons, we want to help provide some information on where  these parts could be found online. For example, the lightbulbs we used for these irons are the #222 Lamp Bulb Flashlight/Toy 2.25V, 0.25A from the Memotronics brand. The yellow model uses the same replacement bulbs as our gray and blue models, so you can find those bulbs here. If you are in need of replacement bulbs for the red, orange, and black irons, here is a small list we’ve compiled for where you can find them online:

However, if you’re only needing one of these replacement bulbs and don’t need a full pack, shoot us a email or call! We can send you a single one free of charge.

If you have a yellow, gray, or blue soldering iron and are in need of replacement bulbs, check here!