We know about stained glass as an art form, but did you know that there’s another glass art form? This other art form utilizes a glass bottle that is either cut to patterns or fully through the material to create a new shape or purpose. Art made with glass bottles are typically made with beer or wine bottles. These can include:

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  • Wine bottle art
  • Lamps
  • Hanging light fixtures
  • Vases
  • Auto-watering planter
  • Candle holder

Product Description

Iso-Tip Power Pro Advanced Cordless Soldering Iron Kit – Model 8000

The Power Pro Advanced Soldering Iron Kit is the next generation of cordless soldering irons from Iso-Tip. Designed for those who want to be efficient with their soldering, the 8000 heats up quickly and features a lithium iron phosphate battery.
• Fully recharges in 3.0 to 3.5 hours
• Partially charged battery to full capacity in one to two hours
• Withstands high-rate charging without damage
• 200 solder joints per charge
• Heats up to 900F in less than 10 seconds.
• Purchase includes a 1-year warranty on iron


How it is done is you first score a line where you would like the cut to go. The less passes made, the easier it will be in the long run. Once the scoring has been done, then it is time to heat up the soldering iron. The process requires slow presses to the glass score lines with about five seconds for each press. This process should hopefully create some small cracks along the score to help promote a clean break. If there isn’t any after the first pass even after looking at it through the light, that’s okay. Do another pass through. Keep going as the crack grows until it won’t crack any further, and then you’re basically done! As long as it breaks easily, you are done and have successfully cut the bottle.