Do you need a cordless soldering iron to tackle those small jobs under your car dash? And need something for the heavy battery cable? Choosing the right soldering tools for the application depends on the different wire sizes. Iso-Tip offers soldering tools for many applications. Take a look at our recommendations for what tools for Soldering Large Gauge Wire below.

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Small Wire Gauge Soldering Tool
Wire Size Soldering Tools

We hear a lot from you guys and like to share your stories, so always give us a shout. One common question we get from our Iso-Tip community is in regards to what size wire can actually be soldered with our tools.

The answer is simple! You can solder heavy duty wire using our battery powered soldering irons, but the downside is it will take more time and energy, therefore you may not see as many solder joints per charge. When we state 125 joints/charge with our basic model #7700 Quick Charge cordless iron, this has a temperature of 900°F, soldering down to 14-16 AWG.

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Now you need to solder that battery cable – how?!

Our butane series will do the trick for you. Our Pro 120 Butane Soldering Iron will solder that heavy duty cable, and our Pro 90 (Model #9010) will get you that 10-12AWG real easy. Joe Iso-Tip here in the office also says you can solder large cable (1/2″) with our Pro 120 Butane Iron.

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Hopefully our solder gauge chart will help you determine the type of solder you need for your next project!