We were recently in touch with a customer regarding our Long Life Tip Pack – Micro and Ultra (#7484 and #7482). He was looking to do some work on a camera, and needed a highly precise solder tip. As an Iso-Tip user of over 40 years, he decided to give our tips a try for his project. Here’s what he had to say about our products:

I used the tip the day it was delivered to repair the processing board on a Nikon digital SLR.  Any other tip was too big to reach the solder pad without damaging nearby components.

I’ve used the Iso-Tip irons for more than 40 years, hand carrying the first quick recharge iron on board an airliner (those were the days) when I returned from leave as a member of the USAF. They are great products, and the first soldering iron I reach for at my bench.

The long-life tips will be a part of my tool set from now on.

Long Life Tip Pack – Micro and Ultra (#7451)Long Life Solder Tip Pack

The Long Life tip pack is great for the serious solderer. Nickel-plated to withstand long periods of soldering time. Long Life tips are recommended for those who solder numerous connections. Heat-up time is approximately 20% longer than our standard tips.

For more information about our solder tips, click here.

As you can see, both our tips and irons are versatile and made to last. Thanks to John for letting us share his great review! If you have a review of your own you’d like to share, drop a comment below!