Another Happy Human With Great Soldering Iron Kit

7700 Soldering Iron Kit

Bob’s 7700 Soldering Iron Kit

We sent our Model #7700 Soldering iron kit to Bob K0NR. Our Soldering iron kit gave him the great performance expected by all of our soldering iron kits. Bob stated that he has no complaints. To read the rest of his review click here.

What was Bob’s take on our Soldering Iron Kit?

There are many things to know when you’re purchasing a soldering iron kit and one of the most important is what you will be doing with it. Our iron excels at size 14 AWG and above. As BOB K0NR states in his review, “This is a relatively light duty iron”. Yet while being small and portable it is still capable of making 125 soldering joints.  You may ask sure he liked the iron, but what didn’t he like? Well that’s a simple one. “I’d really like a LED power/charging indicator”. A reasonable thing to want, yet again in his own words “That is a very minor issue and probably speaks more about my personal paranoia than the soldering iron”.  We agree with Bob and have included an LED charge indicator in both our 7800 “Pro 60”, and our 7904 “Power Pro” soldering iron kits.

We love hearing that people like our irons like the 7700 in this review. Please let us know what you think of our irons in the comments below. We are always happy to hear from the smart humans who use our products.

Thanks Bob for the great review!

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