There is a wide variety of interesting projects you can create with a soldering iron, but one that caught our eye recently at Iso-Tip is how to create jewelry using a soldering iron.

Iso-Tips’ butane irons are some of the best in the market. Take for example our Pro 120 model, this iron heats up within 20 seconds, twice as fast as others found on the market today! It also includes 2 tips, a conical tip and a torch tip, so you’re ready to begin as soon as your new iron arrives! Take a look at all of Iso-Tips’ butane iron options here, and if you’re in the market for some new tips you can find those here as well.

This YouTuber, Jewel School, does a fantastic job of demonstrating a very simple form of soldering jewelry for beginners, stackable rings. Watch the video below to learn how and take a look at our Iso-Tip butane torches here!