A popular application for soldering is making and repairing jewelry. This type of work requires a high level of precision and control due to the size of the components. I recently talked with someone about some interesting jewelry projects she has worked on and decided to share it here. She had contacted me about using our soldering paste for future projects, so I sent her some to try out.

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One of her recent projects was making an LED necklace using a soldering technique. Here is a video of her showing how the necklace works.


She also described to me how she made the necklace. “I started with some small crystal paperweights. I thought that since they were so small I could turn them into jewelry.  I wrapped copper foil used for stain glass around the crystal and then soldered 2 pieces of chain and a tiny tiny LED. The LED was so tiny that once I was able to solder wires to it, I used silicone to keep it from falling apart. Even with the silicone, the LED was bright so I sprayed the crystal with krylon frosting paint to defuse the LED a bit and it worked great! I then added a piece of fabric and glued some tiny crystals to the back, flat part of the led to hide the LED. I’ll send you more pics. The biggest challenge I had was soldering the positive and negative wire to the tiny LED because once I had one side done, when I went to do the other side, the heat would cause the first side to come apart, that’s why I contacted your site, to see if silver paste would work. Thank you for your interest in my work. Most of my wearable projects are for pets or their parents so I’m always looking for ways to make things small and lightweight.”

Thanks to Gladys for sharing some of her work! If you want to see other projects that Gladys has done, be sure to check out her Instagram accounts, wearablepettechfashion and doggonecouture

We are looking forward to hearing her feedback on our soldering paste. 

Soldering PasteSilver Bearing Solder Paste features:

  • Ten times stronger than conventional 60/40 solder paste
  • Offers a tensile strength of 10,000 to 28,000 psi
  • Flows freely and smoothly between 395°F and 430°F
  • Remelts at 550°F
  • Flux is blended in – no additional flux required
  • Made with premium refined powered metals
  • Approximately 2% silver and 98% tin

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